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These days, people take weddings seriously. They want everything to be perfectly planned, organised, and executed. And, the expectations don’t stop here! You’ve got theme weddings, destination weddings, and many other ones developed in recent years to add to your wedding planning profile.

So, if you wish to become a wedding planner, remember, you’d be in some serious business of expectations, demands, and most importantly, emotions!

Although hectic, wedding planning is an exciting opportunity to help people plan those special moments meticulously, and make them memorable. So, if you are genuinely looking at wedding planning as a career, this blog will help you know everything about the profession.

Wedding Planner Attributes

Let us begin with some inherent capabilities you’ll have to have or develop to become a successful wedding planner. The most significant attribute is patience. Yes, you may not always deal with MBAs or engineers in this profession. So, the road may not always be smooth and blissful. At times, you may come across people who may fall asleep at the eleventh hour, and not respond to your calls! J

Nevertheless, wedding planning is a business, and when you talk about business, challenges are inevitable. Hence, developing these capabilities may not eliminate problems, but at least simplify them.

  • Sensitive to people’s demands and emotions.
  • Excellent (excellent!) communication skills.
  • Ability to think quickly
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Empathy!
  • Negotiation skills
  • Social networking
  • Time management skills
  • Planning and organising skills
  • Budgeting
  • Decision-making abilities
  • People-management skills
  • Co-ordination skills

Hmm… it seems you’ve got to be a perfect human being to be a wedding planner. But, as the profession human intensive, you must develop the above skills to achieve success in this industry.

Is there a Wedding Planning Course to become a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planning is a niche. Although, wedding planning has got humongous scope across the globe, you must not limit yourself to pursuing a wedding planning course or alike. Instead, going to an event management college, and pursuing an event management course will help you diversify your portfolio.

Event management develops the approach to plan events, rather than just weddings, and which is why going for an event management course benefits you in the long run.

How to begin working as a Wedding Planner?

Now, whether to work as an entrepreneur or an employee is up to you. Most of the wedding planners prefer working as entrepreneurs or freelancing wedding planners. However, a considerable number of fresh wedding planners work with the more prominent and established wedding planning companies.

Although you may choose what suits you, it is better to work as a wedding planning intern in the beginning, and then work as a wedding planner for a few years with a wedding planning company. It helps you gain an understanding of the industry, build your network, clientele, vendor-base, and most importantly, the ability to make decisions in those extreme, tough situations.

Wedding Planner Salary in India

As an entrepreneur, your income out of wedding planning will obviously depend on the volume of business you handle, and the profit you pull out after all the expenses.

However, if you opt to work as a wedding planner with a wedding planning, or an event management company, as a beginner, you may earn somewhere around 18,000 INR (average) per month. Now, such a salary may seem too low for a profile that demands 24/7 hard work.

Your salary will depend on the company’s paying capacity. Some companies may pay you a starting salary of up to 20-25,000 per month. But, with all the experiences you encounter, situations you handle, and the diversity of projects you handle, you’ll be eligible for a much-much higher salary in the future.

TTA Event Management Course

As one of the best event management colleges in India, TTA offers a comprehensive event management course that covers the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of wedding planning. The course provides exposure to a lot of events, thus helping students learn in real-time. Besides, the course doesn’t just offer 100% placement assistance but prepares you to become an event entrepreneur.

As a wedding planner, you’ll never have a dull moment in your professional life. So, if you wish to have a challenging yet enthralling and rewarding day at work, enrol with TTA and become a part of this exciting, and promising industry.

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