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If you are planning to enroll for interior designing courses in Pune and pursue a prospering career in the industry, this blog will help you with a lot of useful information. It talks about the best interior design courses in Pune, along with the best institute for it, and some vital stats, along with the attributes you need to develop to become a successful interior designer.

What is Interior Designing?

Yes, at the outset, let us understand what precisely an interior designer does! If you think interior designers only design spaces and choose the right colour combinations for your home, you are looking at only 30% of the entire picture.

Interior designing, as a profession, has grown over the years to venture in residential as well as commercial spaces. Although interior designers fundamentally design spaces, the focus these days is on making them fully functional, through optimized and smart utilization. They analyse the space, determine its requirements, and create an intriguing design accordingly.

Besides space planning and analysis, interior designers also decide on the lighting arrangement, wall colours, fixtures, and enhance the overall aesthetics of the space. The key is to make a space livable and make it look elegant and pleasant.

Interior Designing Statistics

As India continues to beef up its commercial as well as residential infrastructure, experts envision an enormous scope for the growth of interior designing, as an industry, as well as a career option.

Besides, the country is expected to become the largest construction market by the next year, and by 2025, another 11 million homes are expected to occupy the Indian land. This refers to the fact that Indian would require thousands of interior designers in the years to come, and which is why, rest assured you’ve made a wise career choice!

Interior Designer Attributes

Indeed, creativity is the first one. Interior designing isn’t a monotonous job. It is a profession that requires you to be logically creative. However, creativity isn’t the only necessary skill. A successful interior designer blends all of the following attributes.

  • An eye to detail.
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Imagination capabilities
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • An active and cheerful mindset
  • A positive approach
  • The ability to apply technology to create engaging interior designs.
  • Artistic thought process with a natural sense of style and elegance.

Interior Designing Courses in Pune

Pune is one of the largest producers of creative interior designers in India. The city is home to a lot of interior designing institutes, offering several interior designing courses to help every aspiring interior designer gain an entry in the industry. Here are some of the interior designing courses available in Pune.

  • Diploma in Interior Designing
  • B.Sc Interior Designing
  • B.Des Interior Designing
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Designing

The first two are the most common ones, as they are taught across almost every interior designing institute in Pune.

Which is the Best Interior Designing Academy in Pune?

Amidst so many options available, one academy stands out with a difference, and that’s Times and Trends Academy (TTA). TTA has been conducting interior designing courses for over 12 years now and continues to empower the industry with several interior designers. TTA’s interior designing courses aim at developing comprehensive expertise through practical as well as theoretical learning.

The courses involve learning the latest interior designing topics, along with an exposure to a wide range of interior designing events, workshops, and industry conventions. They are developed and regularly updated by some of the most successful interior designers that work as industry experts with TTA. TTA offers 100% placement assistance to all of its students, and which is what assures aspirants of career start in the interior designing industry through TTA.

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