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As students of event management courses in Pune, your trainers would ask you to write an event description, aimed at increasing the number of registrations for the event, and its attendance.

Now, a description aimed at attracting an audience, must be intriguing, engaging, and informative. However, writing a compelling event description isn’t as straight forward. It requires you to follow a few tips to ensure you connect with your prospective audience.

So, keep reading, as this blog will help you unlock the secret to writing a better, and a more fruitful event description for your prospective event audience.

5 Event Description Tips to Engage your Audience

1) Know your Audience Well

At the outset, you must know for whom you are writing the description. It is essential to align your content, the pitch, and the overall tone of your description with your audience’s expectations.

For instance, writing an event description for senior citizens will be different from that of writing it for a teenage one. You must not ignore this element, as a mismatched description may drive people away from the event, as they wouldn’t connect with it, and form a wrong impression about the event.

2) Keep your Content Clear and Concise

Yes, you are enthusiastic about your event, and that’s understood. However, when you write something for your audience, you must have clarity in content, and you should keep it as concise as possible.

Ensure that you describe the event appropriately, and include the highlights of the event. The creative layout, font, and font size, and also the words you use must resonate with your prospective audience. Also, make sure you clearly communicate the event details such as a place, date, and time.

Avoid using heavy or overly decorative words. Keep it simple, clean, clear, and precise. Keep it informative and sufficiently salesy.

3) Answer their Questions Pro-Actively

Even after articulating the description well, your audience may have a lot of questions about the event. However, a lot of them may not connect with you to seek the answers, and thus, in such a situation, you’d only lose prospects!

The best way to retain your prospects is to answer their questions pro-actively. Create a questionnaire of the frequently asked questions relating to your event, and answer them well, so that your audience can refer to it, and connect with you to register for the event.

4) Highlight the Key Takeaways

While talking about the event details, don’t forget to focus on the key takeaways of the event.

For instance, if you are about to organise a motivational session, you must focus on the speaker, and include some essential achievements, popularity, and exclusivity of the speaker.

Besides, talking of how the session would benefit the attendees can make a significant difference, as the participants would be more concerned with what they’d get out of investing time in the session.

Ensure that you also highlight some freebies, such as free snacks, lunch, or dinner, souvenirs, certificates, free trial package, free demo, etc. These elements would drive a lot of participants in.

5) Add Visuals to your Description

At times, visuals talk about what words can’t. Hence, ensure that you add an appealing visual to your description so that it intrigues your prospective participants in going through what you’ve written.

However, ensure you don’t let the visual overpower your description, as doing so will distract the reader’s attention, and the purpose of writing the description may get defeated.


Remember, your objective of writing a description is to engage your audience, and encourage them to register for the event. So, to sum up, you must keep your description concise, clear, objective, and let it highlight the benefits to the participants. Make it more attractive through visuals. However, without dominating the description, or distract the reader.

If you wish to learn everything about event management, enroll for TTA’s event management course in Pune, and give your career the perfect beginning it needs.

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